Red Exclamation

Hello All,
Tablo has been working pretty up to tonight. Tonight when my wife is trying to watch the season finale of Bachelorette the episode is not recording. On the screen with the program details there is a red bubble at the top right with an exclamation. There are no other shows recording and our HD is probably 90% open.

Also, while watching live TV, the signal is clear, but the show is continually “loading”.

Our Roku 2 is wired to our modem. No Wifi

I think the red exclamation mark means there is a conflict, mate. If you have the Tablo-2 then you have more than two shows scheduled, so those programmes won’t record.

As @JohnLuther mentioned, it sounds like there was a conflict. If you select the airing, you should be shown the other show(s) that are in conflict with the schedule.

Hello, This red exclamation was not in the usual location that I have seen it before. I checked for other recordings at the same time and did not see any conflicts. In selecting the airing there was no mention of the conflict either.

Sorry, I missed that you were using the Tablo Roku app. This app doesn’t have full conflict resolution just yet. This is how it will display a conflict in the live TV guide.

If you use the Tablo at, or on a smart phone or tablet, you can expand the conflict from the live TV grid to a ‘resolve’ screen that will allow you to choose which airings to record.

Sounds good, thanks