Recover hard drives? Sell Tablo?

So with the issues I’ve been having, I’m thinking of dumping my Tablos. I’ve not totally made up my mind, but would like some direction if I do go that route.

Can I salvage the portable HDD’s? I know they are ‘mated’ to the Tablo, but can you revert them back to blank status and use them as portable drives?

Ref. the Tablos themselves. Is there a procedure posted somewhere where you can factory reset these so I could Ebay them w/o any account info carrying thru?

I absolutely hate the idea of paying for TV, but I also hate having to fiddle with this thing. It had been pretty rock solid, but now the issues are mounting. And with the fall TV season coming up, I need to make a decision soon.

Thanks for any advice!

Yes you can connect them to a computer and format them. Use them for tons of pr0n lol

Factory reset.

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Thanks for the info guys! Hope I don’t have to use it, time will tell.

@Vegas_Steve, I share your pain. I too was at a crossroads for a while and I eventually decided it was time to retire my Tablo in favor of my Plex OTA solution. I ran them both in parallel for about 3 months and in all that time I only logged into my Tablo unit to see if it was still up and running and recording. Beyond that all my TV watching was done through Plex. :slight_smile: