Recordings stuttering

Over the last couple days my recordings have been stuttering. Just a split second, every 5 seconds or so and occasionally the picture is pixelated at the same time. Does that sound like a hard drive issue? My hard drive is only about a year and a half old, western digital elements.

@Lisa_Swoboda sounds like you are having some minor signal issues during recording.

Signal is fine. Live tv has no stuttering.

Digital signal aren’t always 100% foolproof/perfect its very easy to have minor interference/relics/distortions interfere in the signal but yes it could also be a hard drive issue.

For example last night I was watching Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy on my NBC affiliate. According to Tablo I had a perfect signal yet there was some momentary pixelation/audio skips/distortions. And just an hour later my two recordings from NBC prime time were perfect. Things can change quickly.

I think it would be odd to start having interference issues after over a year of no issues. I’ve got a strong antenna on my roof, I live only about 12 miles from the network transmitters and have no obstructions. A reception problem just doesn’t make sense to me, but I suppose anything is possible.

Ok yeah with over a year no issues and the antenna rig you described doesn’t sound like a signal issue then unless the transmitters are on low power for some reason

@Lisa_Swoboda Is this recordings from all channels? If you try to play old recordings, do they still play without any issues?

I will check this when I get home tonight.

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