Recordings still appear after deletion but unplayable. FireTV

With the latest up date all my deleted recording are still there but unplayable. And when you look recorded it shows all upcoming records with record ones mixed in.

Delete the app, reboot the Fire TV, then install the app again.

I’ve seen this too on the Roku this weekend. I had to delete a few shows multiple times before they finally were removed from the recordings list.

Thanks for the suggestion but that way of fixing things is unhelpful. I am “away from home” and your steps lose the “pairing” of the stick to the recorder. You need to come up with troubleshooting and repair steps that do not lose the “pairing”. Or else you need to make the “pairing” more sticky so that it survives an uninstall/reinstall of the app. (Tie the pairing to the MAC address of the stick, for example.)

My suggestion had nothing to do with people using Tablo Connect. It was meant for the typical use of FTV box, which is local use, not remote use.

I’ll thank you not to tell me what is “typical use”. In my case, all of my use will be “away from home”. So for me, the typical use is away-from-home use.

Yes that’s atypical lol