Recordings Split in Two

In the last week, I have noticed many of my recordings are broken into two parts. I see no indication of poor reception (5 green dots and the parts of the program I am watching, work fine). If I watch the first part of the program (45 minutes, out of the 2 hours), on my iPad, it pauses and stops after a few seconds and will not let me watch it. I can watch it fine in the Web app on my Desktop. I haven’t tried my AppleTV yet. Clearly something is going on with the recording (either Hard Drive or reception), but there is no information to tell me why.

Tablo crashed, and rebooted during the recordings probably.

Seems to be happening consistently (two mornings in a row for the morning news). Secondly, why can’t the iPad properly play the first part of the recorded program, but the Web Browser can? I DO NOT have iPad playing problems with normally recorded items.

This can also happen if there is poor OTA signal.

@cnr1089 We’ve seen this happen if the hard drive goes offline mid-way through the reocrding. Interesting note about the two players (iPad and Web), though. If you haven’t, send a note to our support team and we can take a look.

Interesting. I used to have a 1.5 TB western digital HD prior to the new year. I would get recording broken in half once in a while. I replaced my HD for a Seagate 5TB backup since then and I have yet to find a broken recording.
I really thought it was because I did a factory reset of my Tablo but the HD swap might be a more logical explanation!

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Well, it happened again. It seems to be happening consistently on my 7-9am recording (ABC, Good Morning America). The time it is split is always different. I checked and my night time recordings haven’t been affected. Is there way to get logs on what is going on? I will contact support.

@cnr1089 We got your ticket! We’ll be in touch shortly.

Bumping this back to the top as it is happening frequently to me. Many recordings split randomly into 2 parts. Missing a few minutes between halves. I know the system is not rebooting in between because it most recently happened this past week. I was recording Jeopardy but watching Thursday night football. I had no interruption to my game viewing, but when I went to watch Jeopardy, the recording was split into 2 parts. Looking at my recorded programs list, many show 2 partial recordings of the same show. Looks like this has been a problem with Tablo for a long time. I don’t see any solutions in these threads.

If you think it isn’t caused by signal quality open a ticket.

This is excellent advice @PhxCliff The support team can take a peek at the logs on your Tablo to see if the issue might be with your hard drive.

Sure would be nice in the future if the device actually provided useful information about an issue vs just rebooting. I think someone must have worked for desktop support for too long, “Did you reboot? No, call me back after you’ve rebooted.”

Actual system messages! Error messages, are often pointless.
weak signal. If all I get is 5 green, 3 yellow or 1 red – without any way of gauging tablo’s signal… that’s a generic who knows message at best.

I read users get Commercial Skip Failed, for little to no reason or pattern. It’s virtually meaningless for trouble shooting/problem solving.

Then there’s the hard drive failed. When users (including myself) run diagnostics, copy files - tablo reformat, write files back with out issue. A system log doesn’t report “hard drive failed”.

Reboot this then that and the other thing… at best makes something go away – temporarily. We’re not running Windows systems here. Generic end user error message, might make someone feel good… “oh, it didn’t work”. It’s futile towards resolving issues with our own systems.

Aren’t there 5 reasons why commercial skip processing isn’t applied to a recording. Are you saying you see recordings with no message?

And for those recordings that have a message, besides a “RECEPTION” issue, which failure reasons do you think you could resolve on your own?

Sorry, I can’t tell you how may there are.

No, I didn’t say I saw any. I thought my post stated…

without ever mentioning recordings. Why do you think I saw recordings with no message?

Without seeing any logs I have no idea what I might be able to resolve.

I"m sorry you think I want to resolve commercial skip issues? My point was about all system log messages way beyond just commercial skip. Personally, I have no interest in this alleged feature, but that’s me. I just want to find out what my system actually says if/when there’s an issue.

I’m sure Nuvyyo doesn’t want to spend time and thus money explaining log entries.

But if you want to buy a support as a service package maybe it could happen.

I’m not sure why you thought I wanted a costly explanation?

Sorry again, I was attempting to make a point… if users could have access to actual system reporting messages beyond “something” failed type phrases.

No, just read for free was my vision. Open a ticket - Uh, it says you had a weak signal. Read this article… it tells how to improve your reception. I guess I’d pay a dollar more to know just how weak my signal is/was, so I know what kind of any improvement to make.

I’ve opened a ticket, but I think the ability to see the system log, at least from the web interface, would be really helpful.
I don’t think having elaborate error messages given to the general population helps, but for those of us at least moderately tech savvy, having access to the system log would go a long way in self-service troubleshooting.

So if you ran a tech company with limited R&D would your business plan indicate that you should spend money for a feature that benefits a few or the masses?

Once they port the engine to AndroidTV and hdhomerun people can play to their hearts content.

Of course a lot of commercial system software only logs errors. And these almost always require the actual release specific source to truly know what’s going on.

Why do you think users here have an understanding how to run a tech company and/or design a business plan for one with a limited R&D? I would appericate some insight if you could share.

Do you really believe hdhomeroun and Android people haven’t already figured things out?