Recordings 's don't load

@IllBeDarned - ~20 seconds for the preview channel isn’t terrible. It seems the long time you’re seeing is on the legacy channel which hasn’t been optimized.

I’m switching to the Nexus player. While the Roku Platform has Amazon Instant Video, PBS, and the Go Pro channel, I think I can do with out those for a more stable experience.

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No dice with Roku update here. Didn’t even know about it until I just read this but was dealing with slow loading of recorded show listings (both channels) so deleted and reinstalled on Rokus then tried update and it said already up to date. Build on Roku 3 is still 3672.

That’s correct. Just thought since it started recently, I’d better report it. I just hope it doesn’t get worse as my HD fills up.

Just to let everyone know. The good folks at tablo fixed the problem with my recordings through the update they pushed yesterday.

Thanks Dave at tablo


How did they fix it?

After doing the firmware update, my Roku takes a full 5 minutes to load recordings. Did nobody bother to test this before rolling out the firmware update? Can I roll back my firmware so my Tablo is usable again?

Also, it takes 5 minutes to load every time I go to my recordings - not just the first time.

I would suggest you reboot all your stuff, maybe a few times.


For those who are not seeing their recordings (on the Roku), is it just a blank screen (or spinning wheel) or does it say “No recordings. You can schedule recordings from the Live TV screen”? (I’m getting the message.)

I have recordings that I can watch on all of my devices (FireTV, phones, tablets) except for the Roku’s (3 of them). I did the Tablo Roku channel update last night, but no change. I have not upgraded the Tablo firmware, still on 2.2.2.

I am getting the No Recordings message as well on Roku 3. Started on 2.2.2, so i updated to 2.2.6 and still have problem. Today, roku preview channel updated to build 15 and still showing same message for recordings. However, I can watch on android phone just fine. Hoping issue is resolved soon.

Have you tried rebooting your router, then rebooting your Tablo, then rebooting your Roku? In that particular order.

Just tried it in that order, and still says No Recordings You can schedule recordings from the guide menu.


Yeah. Boo indeed. Just got email from support ticket, they are going to log into and take a look at it. Here is to hoping they can fix it. =)

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