Recordings 's don't load

Recordings take forever to load if they load at all. I am running a tablo quad with 2.2.2mfirmware and using a roku 2

Also seeing that with the new FireTV app 1.0.23, recordings does NOT load on to the recording tab (recording tab empty) after finished watching a recorded program. I had to manually refresh the recording tab by exiting to the LiveTV tab and come back to the recording tab again to see all my recordings…

BTW, that never happen with FireTV app 1.0.21

You’re not alone. Others have reported the same. I’m sure they’re working on it.

Is the issue with loading of the Recordings List? Or with playback of recordings?

If it with starting playback, see here:

Yes this is happening with me too. Post in it the Android update announcement thread.

This is a problem with loading the recordings list. Play back is fine.

I’ve seen this as well, on my Roku sticks when I have multiple tuners going at the same time. With the Chrome web browser, the recordings page loads really fast. So, tho it seems related to the number of tuners in operation at the same time, it’s possible that the amount of recorded content plays a role. Hard to say, because I didn’t see this during the summer when I wasn’t recording many shows. However, because I upgraded the Tablo firmware to 2.2.2, and there was a recent upgrade to, so many variable have changed that I can’t really say for sure what’s going on, only that the problem is exacerbated when multiple tuners are active. I’ve also seen that rebooting my Roku sometimes brings it back, but not when too many (don’t ask, don’t know for sure) tuners are in play.

Also noticed another strange thing going on since 2.2.2, in that when recordings of a series have been deleted, the thumbnail on the recordings page doesn’t always disappear. I’ve had this happen twice now, with Quantico and with Millionaire. When another episode of Millionaire aired, I noticed that there were 2 shows associated with the Millionaire thumbnail, the most recent one and the one I had previously deleted. Once I deleted both shows, the Millionaire thumbnail disappeared. I’m pretty sure that the deletions of shows were done on the web browser, but not 100% certain. When I delete them with the Roku app, I believe they go, as does the thumbnail, every time.

I’ve reported bot these issues to Tablo support, and they’re aware of them. I’ll be paying closer attention to the conditions surrounding these events, and try to get them as much information as possible to help them reproduce what I’m seeing.

On a more positive note, other than these two issues, Tablo is working really well. So well, that with my 4 tuners recording all these new shows as the fall season kicked off, I literally don’t have time to watch them all, and am developing quite a backlog of recorded content. I’m going to have to start getting much more picky :smile:

I also can’t load recordings on the Roku preview

So what good is TABLO if we can’t even use it as a DVR???

These are big ticket issues, open a Support Ticket so they can resolve them directly with you.

Making snide remarks are on the forums isn’t going to help you. If you’ve already tried the rebooting of your router, Tablo and Roku, and also re-installing the Tablo channel on the Roku then you need direct intervention by Tablo Support.

I will point out this isn’t a global issue, my two Roku 3s can populate the recording listing.

We THINK we’ve found the culprit and it’s a timeout on the fetch of the data on the Roku which results (in some cases) in a loop of retries. The addition of larger drives has made folks’ databases larger than before. If your database is smaller, you likely aren’t seeing this issue. If it’s larger, or your network is a bit slower, you may see it more often.

What we’re going to do to combat this is add a few more seconds to the available fetch time before timeout which should resolve this problem.

This will be added as soon as possible. As mentioned in another thread, we are waiting on Roku to approve our most recent update. This change will be included as soon as possible AFTER that update goes live.

We will also be taking a look at other ways we can optimize the fetching of data to the Roku platform.

Hey folks -

We’ve managed to sneak an update to the Roku preview channel that should help resolve this problem.

Your Roku should auto update with the new version within 24 hours but you can also do a manual update check within your Roku’s settings.

Let us know if you see an improvement!

Are Tablo Preview beta users getting a beta update for this, or is it just the official Preview app?

[quote=“TabloTV, post:11, topic:4034, full:true”]
We THINK we’ve found the culprit and it’s a timeout on the fetch of the data on the Roku which results … in a loop of retries.[/quote]

@TabloTV, this is NOT ONLY a Roku issue, I am seeing this on FireTV app (see post #2 for details). What are you doing to fix this issue with the FireTV app ?

Get a grip. I didn’t post a snide remark, just asked a question.

Return it then.

I’m not seeing any improvement here. Do I need to reboot the Tablo? Received the Roku Tablo update and checked all three platforms I have. 20 seconds on the Roku preview channel to load about 30% of a 500 GB drive (57 actual recordings) and 2:20 on the regular channel. The Android app shows the recordings immediately and the PC version has only about two second delay. This is a recent problem as I’ve had the same setup for several months without the problem but it didn’t start right away with the 2.2.2 update - only a couple of weeks ago.

Initial indication is that the new Roku software has solved my failure to load issue. Ive forced an update on all 4 of my Roku devices and it’s looking good so far. Loading isn’t near instantaneous as on the Chrome web interface, but it’s not too bad.

@IllBeDarned - This update wouldn’t speed up the fetch of the data specifically. This should however eliminate fetches of 6+ minutes that sometimes failed.

Roku just works differently than the web or Android which updates in the background. Roku requires that we fetch ALL the information the first time you access that screen during a session. It will batch the data on subsequent fetches which should make those faster.

@lowbee - I must have missed your message that this was an issue on FireTV as well. I’ll let the team know.

Well that’s disappointing. Also, once the list populates and I leave it and come right back, it takes just as long as the initial fetch. And also note the size of my HD and percentage filled. There’s barely anything there. Is this to be normal behaviour from now on? Are larger drives taking proportionately as long? As I mentioned before, this only started happening a couple of weeks ago so it wasn’t normal behaviour up until that point. Still seems like something’s off.