Recordings not showing up

Anyone else have trouble from time to time we sh shows recording but not showing up in recodings? Happened to me again last night. Guide said it was recording, but didn’t show up

All my recording show up.

Can’t figure out why mine aren’t.

Recordings display under the recordings category after they complete.

Right, most of the time. I am missing a few on the recordings scree from last night and GMA from this morning. I was just saying that I know they recorded, but aren’t showing up in recordings

Ah, I understand now.
I bet the recording is one the Tablo’s hard drive, but just not displaying its existance in the recordings section.

Tablo stores recordings on its hard drive in ~ 6 second segment files with a .ts extention.
You can check for recordings following the example in this post:

Any chance you’re filtering out the recordings you expect to see?
I don’t usually use my web browser to connect to my Tablo, but noticed the recordings section has multiple subsections: All; TV Shows; Movies; Sports; Manual.
On my Roku, I believe there are only 2 recordings sections: All; Recent Recordings.

Has this happened for more than one recording? We’d be happy to take a look. Just send me a PM, or send our team a ticket referencing this thread.

I reported that mine was recording show but last night and yesterday it did not record anything fact of life different strokes. Don’t know why but hope it records th m tomorrow.

I disconnected the Tablo and it started syncing again and the show I had set to record showed up.:grinning: