Recordings not displaying in Plex channel on Roku

I am new to Tablo and just got mine up and running. It looks like everything is working on the Tablo itself, and I can stream live tv or recordings perfectly on my ipad. However, getting the stream to my tv working has been more difficult. I bought a used Roku XD (2050x) for that purpose, only to find that it won’t work because it is apparently too old a model? The Tablo channel closes whenever I try to stream from it. (I wish it were more clearly stated in the faqs that only certain Roku models work. I thought I had done my homework, but I somehow missed this fact.). So, I read on this forum that some people were able to use the Plex app to stream to older Rokus. Thought I’d give it a try. I am not at all familiar with Plex, but I managed to download the server to my PC, get the Plex channel on my Roku, get the Tablo channel on my Plex, and I can now successfully stream live tv from the Tablo to the Roku through Plex (yeah!). However, the Tablo recordings are not showing up in Plex. I can successfully access my Tablo recordings on my PC or ipad, so I know the recordings are there and functioning. But when I select “recordings” in the Plex channel on my Roku (or actually on the Tablo channel within the Plex channel on my Roku), no recordings are listed. Instead, there is only a gear icon and a message “change your IP address.” If I select the gear icon, all I get is a field where I can enter an IP address. I don’t know much about IP addresses and I don’t understand why this is coming up. I did manage to locate the IP address for the Tablo and tried entering it in the field but absolutely nothing happened. Should I change it,and if so, what to? Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone know why it is happening?

It would be the IP address of the computer hosting the Plex Media Server, not the Tablo.

As well, can you use the Plex app on another device such as an iPad or iPhone and see if you see the recordings? There may be an issue with your Plex Media Server and Tablo channel setup.

I thought I’d start with Plex on the pc to make sure it works for me before spending $5 on the ipad app. However, it does seem like a worthwhile purchase, from what I can see so far. I’m not sure how the ipad Plex app would interact with the current set-up, though. The Roku Plex channel connected itself to the current Plex server on my pc. So, would I need to delete the Pc server in order to get it to reconnect with my ipad? Or can I just download the app on my ipad and leave the pc server alone?

An update for anyone who stumbles across this thread with a similar problem. I wish I had the solution, but after spending so much time researching which antenna to buy, which OTA DVR to buy, which streaming device to buy, and then getting it all ordered and set up and running, I did not want to deal with more research and more delay. I just wanted everything to work so I could cut the cord already! So I sold the older roku and got a roku 1 off ebay. With Roku 1, I can use the Tablo channel just fine, but before deleting Plex, I tried it out on Roku 1 just to see if the issue was related to the older model Roku. Nope! The Roku 1 had the exact same issue trying to access Tablo from the Plex channel that the older model had. Plus, a message popped up that after the first 30 days I would have to pay a small subscription fee for Plex. I’m not sure if the fee applied to older models also (because I didn’t notice that message on the older model) but if I only planned to use Plex to access Tablo, it seems cheaper to upgrade the Roku than to pay a subscription fee, so I think I made the right move.


I am a long time Plex and Roku user. The Plex channel for Roku is not free. I am not sure what the issue is with the Tablo channel on your older Roku is but just some advise:

If your seriously considering cutting the cord, I would just spring for the cost of a Roku 3. There $85 on Amazon and It is the latest generation has much improved hardware over even Roku 2. I have the Tablo channel running just fine on a Roku 3. In fact several of them. The Roku 3 also has a ethernet cable port which I highly recommend over Wifi. In addition to the Tablo app the Roku has many benefits for cord cutters. We watch everything from Netflix, to our own media files (Through Plex) on the Roku. They offer the best selection of channels of any media device.

Plex: If you are considering collecting and storing your own media files Plex is by far the best media server. I use Plex almost exclusively for this purpose as Roku has most everything else I need in terms of Channels.
I agree with most of what roraniel said.  Plex may be the best media server out there but I don't think it provides a particularly good experience for Tablo.    For the best Tablo experience, get a Roku3 connect it to a wired ethernet connection and stick with the native Tablo Roku app.   If you don't want a Roku, Tablo has said they will be supporting Fire/Android TV in the near future.

7up. I agree.

I wasn’t suggesting using the Tablo Plex channel long term over the native Tablo Roku channel.

I use the native Tablo Roku channel myself. I was doing a poor job of trying to communicate that we use Roku channels for everything in addition to using Plex for our media files. Sorry for the confusion.

I never came back to this thread to see the last couple of comments. I now own a roku 1 and 2 and they function perfectly fine for me. I have no desire to pay the extra money for the 3. If you have a decent router and good internet speed (ours is 60mbs), there is no need to hardwire your roku. Ours function perfectly via wifi streaming, and that’s in a household where there are frequently 5 people online at once.


What router do you have?

Sorry I didn’t answer your question! I don’t get on the forum too often. I just have an ordinary Netgear router. It’s not a top-of-the-line model or anything, and we’ve had it several years, so I’m sure it’s not the latest model. But Netgear seems to make good routers. For awhile we tried dsl and used a router that was built-in to the dsl modem. That router was awful! When I turned it off and reinstalled our Netgear router the speed tests on my ipad instantly went up by several mbs. By the way DSL (at least the dsl we have in my town is awful for streaming video). We went back to cable internet after a year of DSL, and it works great with the Roku.

My ROKU works just fine with my Tablo and I can see my Plex Media Server with ROKU but, I don’t see my Channels or the content I put on the PMS through ROKU Thanks!