Recordings Messed Up

This has happened to three recordings now. Tonight it happened to Conviction (ABC) and Timeless (NBC) recording at the same time at 10-11PM. Last week it was The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS). The recordings are green and pink. When I try live TV (tonight I tried right afterwards), the video is still the same green and pink. Last week, I only discovered the Colbert thing in the morning and live TV was green and pink also. Rebooting the Tablo fixes things.

This is quite annoying, it hasn’t happened before since I got the Tablo in June. I hope it doesn’t keep happening. I have sent in a support ticket and will see what they say. I wanted to see if anyone else has seen this happen before.

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Same here. Conviction didn’t record completely. Nightly news didn’t record. More problems like this lately.

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Support has come back telling me that this could be weak signal. Sigh.

@ultramookie - It could be a broadcast error. Do you know if ABC, NBC & CBS are all coming from the same tower in your area? Do you see it on live or just recordings?

ABC and CBS are on the same tower. NBC is on a different tower that is closer to me. I first saw this on a CBS recording of the Late Show (happens around 11:35p). I noticed it while I was looking at the recording the morning after it recorded. I then stopped watching the recording and checked live TV and it was like this across the board – all
channels on live TV. When I rebooted the Tablo, everything returned to normal. The second time this happened, a few nights ago, it was the same thing. I looked at live TV, it was messed up. I reboot Tablo, things are fine. This is why I am disappointed at the support response to this being about it being reception. This is clearly something that is happening internal to the Tablo.

Indeed… Support wanted to make sure it wasn’t a reception issue first which is why they asked you to do a rescan but agreed it’s likely something funkier.

Keep your eyes peeled for this again and if you do see it we’ll grab logs & video and do another look. If you can get it into heartbeat mode while it’s happening that might be even better.