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All of the movie and series art is okay but I would like the option to view recordings in a list with name, recording date, time length, ordered by date. The cover art is nice but too detailed with small lettering and hard to read in many cases. It would be nice to be able to see in either mode. Also if you are going to have a 14 day schedule why limit the guide to 24 hours? AND I haven’t found an app yet that handles fast forward in an easy way. Not just Tablo apps but all streaming apps I have used. Thanks for listening…

If you are open to using a 3rd Party app, you could use my APLTablo to get several of the things you are looking for above.

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Roku and Fire TV have a 14 day grid. Roku and some other apps have a recent filter under Recordings that goes back around 10-14 days.

And Tablo uses the video player that comers with the device. So Fast Forward works as defined by the device’s player. But I find the Roku player to be smooth with 1x, 2x, and 3X FF. But I don’t know what “handles fast forward in an easy way” means.

Okay… did a search on APLTablo and read some of your and others postings. May get into that at a later date. Need to become more familiar with the device and other 3rd party apps before diving in. It’s all new for me but I plan on going at this in depth over the next year. Thank you for posting.

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My Roku only shows 24 hours. Can’t see a model number on it but there is a big 3 on the top. I am talking Live TV when mentioning the ‘Guide’

On the Fire TV preview app the 14 day grid is always on.

For Roku the 14 day grid is optional and you turn it on by an option on the setting page.

Thanks zippy… I have Android, Roku and Samsung apps. And I guess I wasn’t thinking of looking for differing options available on different apps. Found the (beta?) 14 day option on the Roku. Nice… Will have the Amazon Fire soon…

Also note, outside of the “live guide” there isn’t a schedule. The tiles list the shows by episodes, no option for date. (not always show in order).

And other than day-by-day “live-guide” there isn’t really an easy way to see a sequential schedule. The Scheduled tab… is show that may be scheduled …when ever.

I agree, the pictures are overly user-friendly for me. I’d prefer a functional listings, but - the larger market like pretty things I guess.

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