Recordings List Is Different For Channel Compared To Phone or Web App

I find that when looking at Recordings on the Plex Tablo channel I have about a dozen old NFL games on the list, complete with summary and snapshot thumbnail, but they will not play because I have deleted them from the Tablo using the web app many days, even a few weeks ago.  When looking at Recording from the web or one my Android phone with the native Tablo app they are gone.  The list is getting so full of “deleted” shows that it is getting difficult to navigate.  I note that when I launch the web or phone apps they have a period of syncing, but Plex directly to Tablo is “on” immediately.  So perhaps the Tablo channel is skipping the sync step?  As a minimum, should do so on launch, but the best would be if it would do so periodically (maybe poll for changes when not being used) and clean up in the background.

I too am seeing different lists of Recordings on my Roku compared to my iPhone Tablo app. Syncing does not occur automatically, and deleted shows can stll show up.

Anybody else have a way to prevent this? Thanks !

I think that I am seeing the same issue.

I have completed initial set up of the tablo just hours ago. 

I recorded a couple of test programs and can see and play them from the web app on my android tablet. 

The Tablo channel on Plex plays live tv just fine, but there are no recorded shows available to play.

I had thought that the Tablo channel in Plex may have lacked this functionality and came to the forums to investigate.  After seeing this post I expect a lack of sync with tablo recorded programming is the issue.

Looks like I posted this twice; just saw this one.  I’m gonna restart my ubunto Plex server and see if it clears it.

No, no change.  But it does add new recordings.  The channel must have its own scratch list of thumbnails that does not get cleared.

I have a really messed up unsynchronized set of two lists, the app list being much bigger with dozens of already deleted / watched shows as well as over 20 “failed” recordings I have scheduled but were never recorded for reasons unknown. A friggin’ mess… The Roku list looks much more accurate and updated.

Still having this problem.  When I scroll through Recent Recordings I have dozens of blank (all white) “thumbnails” of deleted recordings.  Not taking up HD space, but very annoying to scroll through so many recordings that don’t exist.