Recordings in multiple parts and crash while playing

seriously, i’m now wondering if i have misplaced my faith in tablo. after re-configuring my antenna setup, i now have the strongest antenna setup than ever. never have i had all green in every channel that was scanned and found. but despite this, almost every recent recording has been split into as many as a dozen parts for just a one hour show. i have a four-tuner, and 2 or 3 may have been recording simultaneously for these problems to occur. but what’s the point of having a four tuner device if it can’t record 3 or even 2 shows simultaneously without problems.

and those that aren’t split apart are somehow randomly crashing in the middle of playback. and when resuming, it always results in a reconnecting message. and even after that, resuming playback will crash it again. the only way to bypass this is to start playback from the beginning, fast forward past the point of the crash and then i’m able to resume. and this happens at multiple points in a single hour show that is not broken into parts.

i am willing to bet that the 4-tuner $350 ota tivo roamio (lifetime service included) doesn’t exhibit these problems.

why is this thing so sensitive to signal problems? at this point, it would be acceptable even just to have it play continuously through the problem sections rather than crashing or creating multiple parts.

Totally agree, except for the multiple parts point.
I don’t care how many video parts/segments there are, as long as I can play them seemlessly.

Ive been starting some testing to test the endurance of my tablo with some scheduled recordings. Mostly good but my monday jeopardy didn’t even start due to a poor signal error. The station, while is one of my weaker ones, is generally rock solid with some corruption every now and then. It may be something I’ll have to accept due to relying on OTA.

does any know what causes segmented recordings? with all greens in signal strength, is it the hard drive? i use a 4TB seagate backup plus. as far as i can find, these seagate drives are recommended. i also use a laptop cooling fan under the tablo, powered by the extra usb port on the tablo. could this be causing power fluctuations and making the hard drive work improperly?

Can be anything really from simply multiple instances of reading/writing to the drive that can create a page fault, a bad reception data reading/writing to your HD somewhere along your previous recordings that causes a pile up of corrupted files to HD itself is coming to an end…

i decided to bring back to life my de-commisioned dual tuner channel master dvr+ for comparision. last night, recording a one-hour show (and no other shows recording), the tablo created 3 segments, while the channel master recorded it perfectly, even as i was watching it live. the viewing/recording procedure is much more tivo-like and much more usable than the tablo. the biggest advantage to the tablo is that it’s not tied to a single tv. but if it can’t even record correctly in the first place, that advantage is largely diminished.

Agreed - but I’ve had my Tablo for 3 yeas with no such recording issues. So it can work. I would open a support ticket and let Tablo check your logs to see why. Maybe a weak signal issue (tuners in each device are not made the same).

i just read somewhere that a large capacity drive (i use a 4TB seagate backup plus) is not reliable. i’ll switch to a smaller drive and see if that is the problem. thanks.

it’s looking very much like it’s the drive that was causing the segmented recordings. i switched the drive (from a 4TB seagate to a 1TB wd my passport) and the recordings so far have not been segmented, even on a weaker indoor leaf antenna. it’s strange that the seagate (at any capacity) is “recommended” over the wd my passport (at any capacity) and yet i found the opposite to be more reliable. perhaps a particular brand shouldn’t be recommended as much as the size of the drive. but then i wonder why a larger capacity drive should cause all these problems while the smaller ones perform fine. anyone has information on this?

Did you use the same cable for both drives? Have seen some have cable issues. I have ran 3 different HDDs over the years with no issues from any, the most recent is a 4TB G-Drive.

@Daniel454 i had not thought about the usb cable being the issue. regardless, since switching, i have not seen problems on both devices involved in the switch. i had used the 1TB wd drive as a file share drive connected to a computer. now the 4TB drive is the file share drive and the 1TB is the tablo drive. i don’t remember if i also switched out the cable. but neither devices are showing problems since the switch.


I have 4 shows recording around the same time (9 pm). 2 of the shows end at 9 and 2 start at 9. Many times the shows will be recorded in 2 sessions. When this happens the first segment is anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. The second session has the rest but misses about a minute between. So we get fragmented recording with some loss with it.

I have 4 tuner Tablo running 2.2.16. Excellent reception on all the channels involved. Rescanned and rebooted a few times over the last few weeks to make sure all is good. Still does it. Tuesday nights is when this happens. Will report back with more details.

What do you think @TabloSupport and @TabloTV?

It could be the tuners releasing the two tuners that are recording.

I’ve been watching a channel and been bounced back to the guide when a recording completes on my Apple TV 4.

Thats a bug as well. I have 4 tuners with 4 shows overlapping by, what, maybe 5 or 10 minutes during which the 4 tuners are all busy. I should see no issues . Splitting the shows is annoying, losing content is a catastrophe.

I think @TabloTV should have better QA with automated regression testing. Customers should not be finding an issue like this. Its not like its a playback app issue on a device.

Posted this in another thread, but just for clarity:

Split recordings are usually the result of a reboot. What triggers the reboot can be a few different things: severely poor reception during the recording process, a USB disconnect/removal of the hard drive, or a manual reboot via the blue reset button.

If this has happened to a recent recording (within the last few days) send us a ticket with the details (recording, channel it recorded on, date) and we’ll take a look to see what’s causing it.

Will do, thanks.