Recordings freeze on Apple 4k HD1080 - 10Mbps

I have had my Apple TV 4k for a couple weeks. I am finding when I set my Tablo 4 Tuner to record at HD 1080 - 10Mbps the recordings freeze every couple minutes. I have rebooted the Tablo and my 2TB HDD (750GB available) several times but the problem continues. I am having no problems when viewing Live Shows. — In an attempt to resolve the problem, I reset my Tablo to record at Max Quality 720- 5Mbps. I am no longer having constant freezing on playback of recordings. I would attribute the problem to poor reception if my Live feed was freezing at the HD 1080 setting but it is excellent. I don’t think that is the problem. SO, why can I not record at HD 1080? I am running Tablo OS 1.3.2 (45). Anybody else having this problem? Any resolution? Thanks!

This is likely a network issue. It sounds like the AppleTV isn’t getting enough throughput on the network to play 10Mbps video smoothly. Do you have both the Tablo and the Apple TV on Wi-Fi? Are they hardwired to the network?