Recordings Breaking up

I have a 2 channel Tablo. We are having problems with recorded TV breaking up. From a few simple experiments it seems that this only happens when the show we are recording (for example NBC Nightly News) records on both channels. If we watch it live we have no problems. If we watch a show that was recorded on 1 channel (for example Access Hollywood and sports events) then it appears to record perfectly. I have the recording settings to HD 720 - 5Mbps and the Tablo itself is hard wired to the internet. We are recording using a WD My Passport 0748 1025 (1000 GB) and viewing through Apple TV. I still get the same issues viewing a recording on my laptop.

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Hey there, a few different things could be causing these kinds of results. Can you send your Tablo’s MAC address to our support team? We can take a look at it from our end to see what’s up.

Thanks for getting back to me. MAC address is 50:87:B8:00:A0:37

Sorry for the wait - can you email this to our team? Use this link:

This way we can create a ticket for you and get things rolling :slight_smile: