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Never had this issue before this weekend: I have set up to record the Premier League match every Saturday on NBC and it’s done so without fail—but this weekend it didn’t show up under Recordings until hours later (but when it did, it was all there). I had also scheduled a recording from CBS for a NWSL match Saturday evening—but (again) it didn’t show up under Recordings until hours later, same as the NBC recording. But all the rest of the shows that I had set to record over the weekend showed up in Recordings as soon as the program started: MLS match on ABC, three shows on PBS, and two shows on ME TV.
I guess it was just some ‘glitch’ that this happened with the CBS and NBC shows, as all the other shows recorded as they should. Just wondering if anyone else has had this issue before: nothing showing up in Recordings until hours after the program has been completed?

Are you using a Roku or is this happening on a Roku?

When you say hours later, do you mean a couple of hours? And if so, is the recording 1.5X times the length you would expect?


Those sports events would be live recordings.

…but don’t “in progress” recordings show under Recordings? at least with most/all apps for network tablos, so you can begin watching prior to the recording concluding.

I use both Roku and Firestick. It happened this weekend on both devices, I have Roku on one TV and Firestick on the other, and it didn’t make a difference which TV I was on.

I understand the Auto Extend setting, it’s saved me on more than one occasion when sporting events went longer than expected. But I’ve never noticed a recorded event (sports or otherwise) NOT show up on the Recordings tab, as soon as the recording starts, with the Recording Now term showing. I often wait until a sporting event has started before watching; I do this almost every week with the Premier League by starting to watch about 25-30 minutes into the match, then at half time I fast forward to skip the commercials and halftime talk, and pick up at the start of the second half.
But this weekend, when I went to do this, the recording wasn’t showing up so I thought I had missed it and went to watch something else. But later (about 4 hours), there was the entire match, thumbnails and all available to watch. Same situation Sat. evening, the NWSL match (started at 7PM my time), wasn’t on the Recordings tab when I toddled off to bed 3 hours later—but was there Sunday AM? Sunday afternoon, watched the MLS match in my usual way, started to watch about 45 minutes in, skipped the halftime show, and watched the second half.
This Saturday, I’ll have another chance with the Premier League match on NBC and then later the MLS Cup on Fox, so I’ll see if anything strange happens then. Perhaps it was just a problem that’s corrected itself?

As I’ve explained in a reply I’ve just posted, that’s the way that it’s always worked for me. Just not for the two events I mentioned on Saturday. Sunday, it was fine again. So…

Here is a problem that sporadically happens with sports. I see it every foottball season on roku. It use to act the same on fire tv stick but I rarely waste time anymore monitoring what it looks like on fire stick.

This only happens when the sports menu does not have any recordings or entry for a given sport - say NFL. At times when the game is recording the NFL tab shows up under recordings but it will be empty. The recording will appear after the recording finishes. But if you have multiple recordings scheduled and there is no break between the 1st recording and the 2nd(overlapped recordings on 2 or more channels) no recordings will appear until the 2nd recording ends.

The NFL entry that appears in the recording menu will often say there is zero recordings.

Maybe this is your problem.

I always schedule recordings from the menu (sports or otherwise), I’ve had overlapping recordings on different channels, but never had what I experienced last weekend. For instance, I’ve had NHRA races scheduled on Fox that overlapped with soccer on ABC more than once, and always had each program show up on the Recordings tab as soon as it started.

I didn’t do anything different this past Saturday, but I guess I’ll just see what happens this coming weekend. I always periodically check my Scheduled tab, and ‘my sports’ for Saturday is Premier League/NBC/11:30 AM and then MLS Cup/Fox/3 PM. I’m expecting each match to show up under Recordings as they start, and I’ll see if that’s true.

Thanks for you comments!

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