Recordings appear on one device but not others

Are scheduled recordings specific to the device you schedule them on? I have recorded a show but it only appears on one device.

Also, live tv shows an empty guide and I cannot watch any shows. As soon as I click on the live tv tab, all other tabs become inoperable.

I am using two different iPhone devices. A 7+ and an 8+.

They should be the same, mate. Can you disconnect and erase the cache memory for the Tablo on the iphone that is inoperable and then reconnect? I don’t have an iphone but I think that should work.

I had a similar problem today after updating my Tablo App on my ipad. When I opened the app after updating it, only two recordings were showing even though I should have had over a dozen. Also none of my scheduled recordings showed as scheduled and the live tv grid was blank. However, I could access Tablo through Firetv and everything was fine on there. So I figured all the recordings and schedules still existed on the Tablo but for some reason my ipad app was not syncing all the info after updating it. I tried shutting down the app and restarting it. No change. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled. That fixed it. No issue now. Hope that helps!

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Try disconnecting (the red X) on each app so they re-sync with Tablo.

I had a similar experience. On one device, I could see all my recordings but when I looked at another device, it showed only some of the recordings. On both devices, I was looking at the All Recordings tab. Once I clicked on TV Show Recordings tab, Tablo repopulated the All Recordings tab with the correct information.

I had the same exact issue with my iPhone 7+. You are totally correct. I uninstalled Tablo app on my iPhone and reinstalled. All is fixed. Thank you!!!

Thank you all for your feedback. That was exactly the issue and it was resolved by uninstalling the app. The deletion of synced data is another option without having to delete and reinstall the app.