Recording without a subscription

When viewing 24 hr. Live TV, want to record show that has already begun. Only option given is to " Create Repeating Manual Program" for recording. Screen appears to complete manual settings, and Continue selected. Scheduled tab then shows only Upcoming Airings to be recorded, not current airing.

Simply want to record show being watched at time recording was started. Is this too complicated for this dumb device? Have recently purchased this Tablo Dual Lite that came with 30 day script. Have no desire to pay for any subscription.

Well, I guess your just going to have to use the dumb search function of this site to find the answer to your very important question.

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To record a program from the Live TV guide, select the program on the guide (not the channel number) and a dialog will pop-up with Info and Rec buttons. Select the Rec button and that program will start recording.

The ability to record a program that has already begun without any subscription is the problem. As stated before, the only option given (on the Live TV guide when program selected) is to " Create Repeating Manual Program." Your suggestion to select the Rec button from Live TV guide only exists with subscription service.

Hey @NexTus - Which app are you using?

It sounds like you’re attempting to set a recurring recording versus a one-time manual recording.

If you set a one-time manual recording you should be able to catch something that has already started.

Using Roku. One-time manual recording not an option I’m seeing…

@NexTus - Roku is the one exception where a manual one-time recording cannot capture the current airing however you can set one-time airings for a currently airing program via the Windows 10, web, or mobile apps.

But apparently setting a recurring manual recording on Roku will attempt to grab in-progress airings of that series.

Have you checked your recording folder to see if the program you’re attempting to get is there?

Both manual recording options are also available via the scheduled screen in Roku:

Tablo on Windows did record currently airing program, where Roku would not…
Recording folder correctly contains partial recording of currently airing program now.

Don’t understand your statement:
But apparently setting a recurring manual recording on Roku will attempt to grab in-progress airings of that series.

What difference when manual recording is there? Recurring manual recording on Roku would not grab in-progress airing for me.

Hrm… That’s odd as it did work for us to schedule a recurring recording from the Live TV screen on Roku. We were able to grab the in-progress airing.

If you schedule a recording from the SCHEDULED screen (as shown in the link above) you can choose between a one time recording or a recurring airing.