Recording "To Do" List


Really enjoying TabloTV!  It’s working well.

I definitely like the by-show view of scheduled recordings in the iOS app.  However, I really miss seeing this in list form.  Is this something that could be added?  I’m envisioning the straightforward “To Do” list structure that one sees on TiVo.  This would make it much easier to quickly see, for example, everything that will be recorded on Friday and in what order.

Keep up the good work!

Jeff M.

Second this.   Having the ability to see a listing of upcoming recordings would help supplement the Scheduled page.

This could be cool - I’m making a list of feature requests next week and the dev team will be checking it twice as we work to solidify a roadmap for the coming months.

Thanks for the feedback!

I third this.  After playing with my Tablo almost a week now, this feature would be very nice.

Add me to the list of requestors.  I’m an ex-Tivo and Windows Media Center user and this is one of the things I miss.