Recording times

Does anyone know why my recordings are showing an incorrect time of recording even though all of my time settings are correct?

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Both Roku & Fire stick. Both are set to the correct time

Happen to live in Arizona, or some other location that ignores DST? If the times are off by an hour but the shows are still recording correctly, there’s a fix for that, but it has to be done by Nuvyo.

Not at all live in est. times are off by 4 hours

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Time zone set correct on all devices? I know the time is.


Another design flaw. There should be a way for us to set the time and time zone on the Tablo instead of it just grabbing from the network. At the very least an option to display Tablo date time timezone in the settings.

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I agree with this.

Another potential…some PBS stations carry the time signal. Is your PBS station located in the same timezone as you? Maybe Tablo grabbing it? Just speculating…have to wait until Tuesday

Now I have noticed something interesting. The recording times listed on my Roku and Fire Sticks are correct. The only device where the recording times of my recorded programs are incorrect are on my iPhone. The time zone & time are both set correctly on my iPhone so I cannot figure this out.

The main bug I know of is if your phone is one time zone and the Tablo is in another, the times will be off on your phone.

I live in Nashville (Central time) and I went to NYC a week ago. I wanted to record the Today show (through Tablo Connect on my Android phone), which starts at 7 AM Central / 8 AM Eastern. On my phone, it showed it starting at 9 AM.

It did record correctly, but it can play havoc for anyone using manual recordings.

I appreciate the info but my phone has all the correct time & time zone settings. Can’t figure this one out. Unfortunately I have not traveled in quite some time