Recording Time Question

Is there a way to set all recording to a default start and end time?

Do you mean to remove all Advanced Recording Options from all scheduled series?

Or do you mean to create a manual recording for a specific start/end time and a specific channel, ignoring the guide information?

Or the OP may be referring to start and stop settings - for example start 5 mins early, end 1 min late for all new recordings.

Basically being able to set new defaults (out of the box defaults are to start and stop on time).

I wondered if I could set a universal start time [eg 5 minutes early] and a universal stop time [eg 5 minutes after]
I know it can easily be done for individual programs 1 show at a time

Gotcha… There isn’t a way to change the default settings for all series so it must be done for each.

Unless a user is recording a very few programs from one and a very small number of channels how many users would ever want to change all the scheduled recordings.

I have 26-27 channels and make an average number of recordings and I’ve never changed a start/end time or needed to use the feature…