Recording Tile on Roku

I have a 4 tuner Tablo and access it via multiple methods: Roku, Android, Web.

One of my recordings was ‘This Old House: Trade School’. I had set to record all episodes, I only had one on the list of recordings that had taken place. (This was correct because there’s only been one since I set up the scheduling)

After watching the recorded episode (started on Android / finished on Roku), I selected the option to delete it.

Once I did that, I was returned to the recordings menu but the “tile” for the show continues to display - this is even though there are no ‘episodes’ recorded.

I assume it’s a caching issue because when I accessed the tablo from my phone, I can see that the tile has gone away.

However, the tile continues to display on both of my Roku clients (2 different Roku express units)

Is there any way to ‘force-clear’ the recordings cache on the Roku? I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting but that didn’t address the situation.

Is this just a synch issue that will resolve over time?

Thanks in advance for replies

We’ve managed to track this down, and we hope to have a fix soon. Feel free to send this over to our support team so that we can keep you posted.

I posted this problem, calling it a “stuck” phantom icon which cannot be deleted in a recent thread. Although it showed up in the latest V.18 firmware as a new bug, this same symptom goes back to Tablo starting in 2014, previously fixed, but recurring.

It was recommended by another forum member that a hard reset of Tablo will eliminate the annoying icons, and indeed this did work for me. Sadly it only lasted for less then a week and I am back to new stuck icons again.

Glad to see Tsblo acknowledging and presumably debugging this problem. The disagreeing list of recordings on Roku / AppleTV versus iPhone is clearly another related bug (again since 2014) and hopefully will be acknowledged and repaired by Tablo software engineers.