Recording Start end Stop Time

I was looking at the meta.txt files on some of my recordings and I noticed that the start time and end time are sometimes set to start early and end late.  Here is one instance that starts 15 seconds early and ends on time.


This on starts 15 seconds early and ends 5 minutes and 5 seconds late. 


How can I have all shows start and end on time?  What is causing this?

There is an option that extends recordings for live events like sports. Do you have that option enabled under Settings?

Thanks, I did have that checked, but they were not live recordings.  I just unchecked it.

Well it is still starting early and sometimes ending 5 minutes late…

Well it is still starting early and sometimes ending 5 minutes late…

Mine has been like that since day one…and as long as it doesn’t interfere with my other scheduled recording…it is not bothering me.

I guess it depends… on mine, sometimes it starts just as the program starts… maybe clipping a bit of the beginning (talking about 1 second or less).  I think the solution would be to allow people to adjust pos/neg delta to both start and end times.  Realizing that for back to back shows you might end up with less tuners available than normal.

SAGETV had a setting for this that permitted starting early and ending late (sometimes the server would not be exactly the same time as the network) but would not consider it a conflict for a show starting as another ended in its extended time.  So I always started 2 minutes early and ended 2 minutes late; never a problem, never got a show cut off.

@BoomerTheWeim - the early start is because it can take a few seconds to spin up a tuner to start a recording.  This is so the Tablo doesn’t miss any of your scheduled recording, which is also the reason for the added 5 minutes at the end.

You won’t normally notice the early start as the players start playing scheduleOffsetStart seconds into the stream.