Recording start 1 minute into show

Is there a way to start recordings early or change time on Tablo? All my recordings start about a minute late.

The only way currently is to set up manual recording for each show that have this problem.

When I watch Sleepy Hollow, I always get the tail end of Gotham first, so time isn’t a problem.  But when I record the Simpsons, sometimes I miss the opening  or part of the opening.  


@snowcat Is correct here (as usual… where’d I put that meme?) - some shows air a little early, but if the guide data doesn’t reflect this, we can’t make the appropriate change. The only way around it is to create a manual recording.

@TabloSupport, I think I requested the feature to add minutes on the end or beginning or recordings :wink: via user setting

This is a common feature on Cable boxes and DVR’s and should be added to the list of features.

Thanks.  I agree this needs to be on the feature requests.

@Jestep @roraniel @Dawg We take note of (and share) the feature requests we receive; it’s been passed along :slight_smile:

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