Recording Segmentation


You can find some some information just via google. Vixs use to have all of the CPU’s OS feature set and SDK API’s on their WEB site before PixelWorks bought them. Now all that info is NDA.

But you really don’t think a small VC company went to the local college and kidnapped some computer science majors, locked them in a office until they developed a complete DVR solution.


From a support ticket I created back in January:
My biggest concern is the behavior of the system when it encounters a weak signal. It seems like there is a bug or a design flaw that needs to be addressed to prevent a reboot in these cases. Is work being done to improve this behavior?
Tablo Support:
Yes, our engineers are working with the chip manufacture to improve this area.
Feel Free to contact me at anytime with any more question or concerns.


Are you going to do a 6 month follow-up in a couple weeks :grey_question: or is commercial skip a priority :neutral_face:


Sorry. I stopped following that datasheet link when I was being led down one of those “Oh, you actually wanted to DOWNLOAD the Datasheet?” Rabbit-Holes… :wink:



So it ISN’T under their control/not their Design!

Quite a strange issue… No wonder it hasn’t been fixed in forever!


There are multiple models of CPUs, tuners, and motherboards. Any fix might only apply to the newest models.

I own multiple tablo units and models, and haven’t had the problem since a release approximately 2-years ago. But I’m sure that Pixelworks will be jumping through hoops to please tablo. How did that philosophy work out with Amazon and the Cube?


Ok, well that is interesting info; but it seems to contradict what @bbaorbb said above regarding his relatively recent (January) Support Ticket on this subject. But then, I don’t know what hardware he has, or what version of the Firmware…

Hopefully, Nuvyyo is a big enough customer of Pixelworks’ to get them to light a fire under this issue (if what you said is incorrect and it ISN’T already fixed).

However, you would think that, if this was fixed, even only for certain hardware platforms, that @TabloSupport would have said as much…


Yeah, Segmentation is TabloTV’s Kryptonite :slight_smile:


@TabloSupport @TabloTV “Uh, no comment…”


Time flies - It was actually January of 2018 and I have the original 4-tuner. My reboot/segmentation issues could have been related to a sub-optimal antenna (replaced) or a failing hard-drive (replaced).



I’d say it’s probably safe to do a Followup inquiry… :wink:


Referencing reboot due to weak signal , how do you differentiate sub-optimal antenna from bad connection or inferior cable, physical interference or bad weather? Is the source of the weak signal relevant? …considering it’s external to the device.


I was using shorthand for everything after the Tablo. I agree the source of the weak signal is likely/usually not relevant. However, I had hard disk issues that resulted in failed recordings (with reboots) that were flagged as weak signal. In my case the vast majority (maybe all) of the weak signal reboots were because of the bad hard drive and the very rare instances of weak signal I encounter now do not result in a reboot.


Do you know that for a fact? Because, if so, that means that the Tablo software is either sloppy at identifying the cause of recording-failures; or the Tablo hardware/low-level firmware is simply not reporting the cause of certain Errors, and the higher-level Tablo software just lumps all “recording-failures” that it doesn’t have a good Causation for as “Weak Signal”.

Both are signs of questionable design decisions on someone’s part (maybe not Nuvyyo’s). But detailed error-reporting is something that often goes by the wayside in tech-products…

What Firmware Rev. and what Tablo Model are we talking about?


Yes, it’s a fact, at least, in previous Tablo firmware versions.
Weak Signal was a defacto error when a specific error didn’t exist.
Search the forums, and you’ll find us talking about it happening, with Tablo reps responding.


It’s what I remember but it was a long time ago and my memory could be faulty. I know I would get pixelation with the bad hard drive hooked up and when I replaced the hard drive the pixelation would disappear. Maybe I made the logical jump to weak signal based on the pixelation I saw.
Model # SPVR4-01-NA. I am on 2.2.26 now but I am unsure what firmware version I had back then.


Well, that explains that! :grinning:



I assume that is either the old 4-tuner, or the QUAD. First Hardware Revision, North American version? Just guessing from how Model #s usually “work”…

So, if you can remember, did the “Segmentation” STOP before, or after, you Updated to 2.2.26 Firmware?


It is the old 4-tuner but I cannot find any additional information on the version/revision. The segmentation stopped long before 2.2.26, it stopped when I replaced the hard drive.
I’m guessing others who may think they have reception (antenna) issues may actually have hard drive issues but that may not be your specific issue.


Ok, well I now have a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT theory:

Since “Weak Signal” appears to be the “Default Error” reported/logged by the Tablo, probably LOTS of the “Tablo-User-Lore” about “Weak Signals cause Reboots” (and thus “Segmentation”), it is just as likely (as you suggest, above) to be some other, unrelated fault.

@TabloSupport is just too embarrassed to say they can’t really say for sure what is causing any specific Reboots, because the Error-Logging/Reporting SUCKS… :wink:

No WONDER they’ve been silent on this issue!