Recording question

I am new to tablo and have a quick question regarding setting up recordings. I had a series recording for on of my favorite shows and it looks like it wasnt recording this week. I assume there was some sort of conflict with another recording I had? I set a lot of season recordings when I first got the tablo and didn’t check if any of the shows overlapped. Is there a way to prioritize shows in case of conflict?

@akzag Do you have the 2 tuner or 4 tuner Tablo? Another possibility is the channel had sports or something that ran overtime and it was on later.  Do you have the tv listings for the day in question?

If you go under the scheduled tab, there is a menu option for “Conflicts”.  That will list any conflicts that you have and allow you to fix the issue.

Could the station have aired two episodes in one? There was a previous post in this forum about some show (maybe it was called Matador?) where the person thought they had missing recordings but ABC had broadcast them back to back and they were listed as one episode in the guide.

The show was called Galavant. I was one of the ones who deleted them because I thought that episodes were missing.

@akzag As noted by @snowcat, check the Conflicts tab under the Scheduled header to see any future conflicts. It’s also possible the recordings could have been back-to-back (as noted by @Mark), in which case they both should have been scheduled.

@TabloSupport, just another reason for some kind of alerts.