Recording priorities

I am getting really annoyed about not being able to change the recording priority. So that is making it harder for me to figure out the tablos auto priority decision algorithm.

I initially setup the tablo and randomly set shows to be recorded. Then set it to record nfl games and realized this required me to weekly change the recordings, for the Sunday and Monday games.

So i, decided to delete all the recordings I setup, and did nfl first. Then all the other shows I don’t really care about. But it’s still recording the stupid 30 min rerun shows and not recording the nfl games. There’s one 30 min show, that will cause a 4hr game to not record.

Is this operating correctly? It’s even more annoying when i go on vacation and forget to delete the recording conflict before leaving, because tablo won’t connect remotely, of course.

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Are you going in and deleting the shows manually?

This hasn’t been successful for me. If a show is set to record automatically (“All Episodes”, for example), the next day they all seem to be checked again.

Your best bet (if you haven’t tried this) is to go into Library > Scheduled … and then into the specific show causing you a problem. Go to “Edit Series Recording” and select “Don’t Record” (Or if you go into “Series Recording Options”, select Record > None). This should remove the offending show.

Now, this show will no longer record, and other recordings will be placed in higher priority. You can do another search for the show (or scroll through the guide) and tell Tablo to record the series again, and you should have no problem.

If you can’t remember which shows were programmed in order, you might want to start from scratch (obviously making a list so you don’t forget!) and then setting them up one by one manually as series recordings.

I hope this helps – I haven’t had a problem since I did this.

I have already removed all recordings and started from scratch with the nfl games first. I am not wanting to do this again until i find out why it is recording other shows before nfl.

Any way to diagnose this?

I am using the coming soon in the phone app to view conflicts and delete from this list.

And you’re saying that the your NFL games are showing up as “red” conflicts?

With an ever-changing schedule, we’ve already noticed how weirdly the Tablo will set up a recording, seem to change it’s mind, then still record or have to be set up again.

After you set up your recordings the second time … did you wait until sooner to the event to see which one was still set to record?

Yes, the nfl game will have the conflict label. I usually check this on Saturday or Sunday morning before the Sunday afternoon games,

I don’t see any conflicts for next weeks nfl games, so this might not be able to be diagnosed until next fall nfl games start again.

Sometimes, there can be hangups in the conflicts if you’ve set up a scheduled repeated recording, then manually added it when there was a conflict or it didn’t show up.

I’m glad that your issue has cleared up for now. I would check tomorrow again since sometimes there can be a schedule update overnight.

It sounds like when people schedule TBA games, it doesn’t always record, either. Good luck, and I wish you the best!

Thank you for wanting to help.

Are you a tablo employee, do you know if there is a chance tablo will add a way to change recording priorities in future updates?

You’re welcome.

LOL… no, not an employee, just been struggling through my own two 4th gen nightmares, picking up a little of what’s going on here and there.

I have no idea about recording priorities. It does sound exceptionally frustrating, and I wish that my trick way up there had helped. I don’t record any NFL or other games, so I really don’t know if that would change what worked for me. (Either way, now it would be the lowest priority in the system!)

You can always submit a support ticket to Tablo and see if this is something they can help you with. Some have success over the phone, others through the form.

I just hope that people are able to stick it through since things are a little all over the place right now with how the app and devices work. So many little bugs, but a product that has great potential.

TBH, I’m not sure if I’m keeping my second 4th gen 2-tuner. One was nice, but having two just doubled the complications. I think it’s caused me to see some issues not present in users with only one device.

2 Tablos means twice the recordings I see fail or split, the buffering that might occur on one but not the other, the same OTA or FAST recording fine on one but not on the other. I enjoy the product, and I’m sure if I’d have started with the 4-tuner I would notice fewer problems.

But I’ve “suffered” this long, so why bother returning it now, right? LOL. I hope for improvements or workarounds every day, and spend way too much time on these community forums because of it.

I do hope that you continue to post what you learn and are able to resolve – especially if you talk to TabloSupport and get a solution to your problem. Every little bit helps.