Recording play button grey out and slash


I have a show with three recordings, one of which has the play icon grayed out with a slash through it.  What does this status mean?  See episode 10 below in image:

and if the status is that it failed for some reason, how can we tell why it failed?

It’s a failed recording, and there isn’t a way to know why it failed.

@villaininblack If you’re using the iPad app, by tapping on the failed recording it will usually give you the root cause of the failure, e.g reception issues, full disk, no tuners available, etc. We’re intend to bring this to the rest of our platforms soon!

@TabloSupport thanks for the advice but no joy there either.  Using the iPad app doesn’t display any additional information in this case as to why … just the standard recoding information details.  I touched around there area, even the black recording window as well with nothing additional shown.

Thinking back to Wednesday, I don’t recall any weather or other reception issues (I have a tv hooked directly into the antenna for live tv as well) or tuner scheduling/conflicts and definitely not a disk full so trying to get to the bottom as to why this failed.

@VillainInBlack We’re working on expanding these messages to incorporate as many scenarios/instances as possible - if nothing displays, it’s possible the Tablo crashed if some drastic happened - e.g a power failure, the USB drive was disconnected intermittently (can happen with some externally powered drives).

Ok I will keep monitoring this more closely (crash or drive issues).  I can at least remove a power failure as a culprit as my Tablo is connected to a UPS to keep it up 24x7.