Recording Pictures remain after Reformatting

I formatted my hard drive last night from the tablo android application. The formatting seemed to go OK and erased all of my previous recording as expected. It did not, however, erase the picture of the recordings. How can I erase these pictures since they make it look like I have recordings when I don’t actually have them.

Also, since the formatting, I notice that my Roku tablo application only shows Live TV and Recordings in the left hand column and does not show Scheduled, etc. What is going on?



You are going to have to open a support ticket. That data is stored on the Tablo and not on the hard drive.

So a factory reset of the Tablo would fix this as well, wouldn’t it? That would of course require running setup again, which he may not want to do. I’m guessing Tablo can dial in and just delete the offending leftover files?

Yea, I would assume so, but does he/she want to lose everything else? Scheduled shows, channels, etc