Recording not there intermittently

Every once in a while, about once every two weeks, my Tablo does not record a program show. It has happen on different channels, at different times. I have tried a rescan of channels and still miss some recordings. There is no message stating "recording failed ". I contacted technical support and they concluded it was a broadcast error. I find it hard to believe that it was a broadcast error since i watch the program at the recorded time with no difficulty. Both the tablo and tv are connected to same antenna. The tablo unit is connected close to antenna with one splitters and the tv is about 70 ft away,
off multiple splitters. Anyone have this happen? Feel like Tablo unit is malfunctioning.

Are the missing programs set to record only new episodes? I’ve had it happen twice in a year where a program wasn’t flagged new so it didn’t record. I think they both were AGT and happened within a few weeks. I caught the 2nd instance in advance and recorded it separately. I think I learned about the 1st instance on this forum since others complained about it.