Recording not matching shows

Many of my recorded shows are not what they should be. At first, I thought it was because there was an unscheduled change in the show line-up, but have observed the error on shows recorded over different days. I have a 4-channel Tablo with a 5 TB hard-drive and stream through to four of my TVs using Roku 3 and one of my TVs with FireTV stick . The time on the Roku and FireTV display the correct time. The time the Tablo records shows seems out of sync with the actual time. Has anyone experienced this problem and have a solution?

This happened to me as well. My experience is with a four-tuner Tablo and two different FireTV Sticks - the time is correct (CST) both on the Tablo and the stick itself. Even in the directory the correct show displays the red ‘R’ when it should - but the resulting recording is always a few hours off (I usually wind up with the local news). I first noticed it with recordings in November right after the time changed and assumed that I needed to update the directory but even after re-syncing I am still having the same issue. For example, the first five episodes of Brooklyn 99 recorded correctly but when daylight savings time happened, episode 6 and on were consistently off.

No solution yet but hoping to piggy back for awareness!

To add to the mystery, I just watched a live show through the Tablo that was scheduled to be recorded. The directory also correctly display the Red record indicator. However, the show didn’t record, or at least it isn’t properly placed in the directory under the show it should have been placed.

@ManOnTheMoon @JoesLeftShoe Without having looked at your units, I’d recommend running a channel scan on your Tablo, and then re-syncing its apps to the unit. If this doesn’t do the trick, give our Support Team a shout and we’ll take a look.