Recording jumping around and pixalation

I have owned a tablo since January and have been happy with it overall.  Some times I will get a recording or two that will be very pixelated and skip sections.  As far as I can tell it is not an issue with the broadcast as nothing changes and if I go "live" to that channel the quality is good.  Is this an issue with the tablo or hard drive?  I am using one of the recommend hard drives by tablo.  Does tablo have any diagnostics that I can run to find out why it is pixelated?

Pixelation is an issue with poor OTA signal. Weak signal can be transient caused by issues of bad weather, rain, snow, etc.

Just because when you watch live TV on this channel you get good video that doesn’t mean there were not issues when the Tablo was recording.

Are you watching the Live TV on your HDTV (aka using the tuner on the TV) or through the Tablo?


In terms of diagnostics, there a couple of things you can try:

- Try running frequent channel scans from the Tablo and (Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan) and take note of the channels having these issues. Do you get inconsistent results?
- If you can catch the this channel in a bad state on the Tablo, try removing the coax and attaching it directly to your TV. Is there a difference?

We can always measure the signal for you via a remote session, but if the channel’s signal is fluxuating, it could be tricky to ‘catch it’ in the right state.
I will try the scanning of channels but I would be surprised if it is a week signal. I live in Phoenix AZ and we have no weather besides warm and almost no clouds. Also the antenna is not in the same room as my TV so I will not be able to switch the cable to the TV to test.

 I almost wonder if it is my hard drive. Does Tablo have any type of utility to scan and see if there are issue with it?

I had a recording do that the other night. It appeared to be a recording problem rather than a bad signal, but I have no way to say for sure. If I send Tablo Support my information, would they be able to tell from my system whether this recording in particular was due to a glitch in recording, or due to a weak signal?

@Rugged We can check your Tablo’s logs. Disk errors are reported, so feel free to PM me with your Tablo’s MAC or send us a ticket. We’ll get this fixed up.

@Tablosupport thank you I will do that when I have access to my Tablo’s Mac address.