Recording Issues Since Time Change In March

Hello all. I’ve been using the Tablo to record lots of shows with no issues for nearly 18 months and suddenly in March, subsequent to the time change, my Tablo shows lots of shows scheduled to record, but does not record any of them.

I’ve rebooted multiple times. I’ve re-synched multiple times. The settings show the correct time and date and all shows indicate that they are set properly to record in the scheduler. But nothing records. After a show has aired, it is still shown in the scheduler as being set to record, and it simply indicates that it has ended. Yet nothing shows up in recordings.

I have 1.5 Tb of space available on my hard drive so it’s not a drive space issue. Also, any shows recorded prior to the time change are able to be played with no issues.

What is up??? There were no issues like this with the time changes last year in either Spring or Fall. Did some new software build break the ability to handle the time change??

I need this resolved and fixed or I’m going to have to abandon Tablo and go to something else.

Trent Engler
Denver, CO

I definitely would open a support ticket with Tablo support. This is not normal behavior, and they are the best to troubleshoot it.

Just did. Thank you.

You might try to rescan available channels in your area after making sure your zip code is correct. Doing a channel rescan fixed a different but similar problem for me.

@trentengler I believe our team sent you a note - we’ll get this fixed up!

You might try reentering the zip code, which makes the database rebuild.