Recording Issue

I scheduled the Colbert Late Show to record, it shows in info that it recorded 1 hour and nine minutes, however on playback it only has 31 minutes and ends during Clooney’s interview! What the hell!

Do you have OTA signal problems on said channel?

Mine recorded ok, @theuser86 has a point. If there is an issue with the signal that might happen.

Might want to open a ticket with support so they can take a look at your Tablo

@Tallies55 - It could be a signal or hard drive issue. We’ll be happy to take a look if you send us a ticket w/ your MAC address (on the bottom of the unit).

Not that I am aware of, what seems to have happened is that it stopped recording at 12am on the dot. Show begins at 1130pm and it recorded 30 mins then stopped, however when you have the player closed the recording information has 1 hour and 9 mins displayed as being recorded.

I suggest trying another player to look at the file. You can try Chrome or VLC with the Tablo add-in on a PC or a Tablo app on an IPhone, to name a few examples.

And you live near Ottawa, right?

A few of us here have had the same problem. Rumor is that there is scheduled maintenance going on in Gatineau on the tower.

The GOOD news is that it recorded properly for me last night… hoping we’re out of the woods

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