Recording icon issue


watched show now in recordings i have black box with x in place of the show i watched and try to delete.


Which Tablo app are you seeing this on? Can you post a screenshot?


it was preview app on firestick

i also had the issue where scheduled coming soon just had a spinning circle again so i uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it took care of both issues

why do i have to keep unisnstalling the app for this scheduled coming soon issue?


Which Fire TV Stick do you? The Gen 1 unit is quite underpowered and doesn’t run the Tablo app well. I went to the Fire TV box and no issues.


it is the firetv square one before the 4K one came out


I have the fire 4k and the latest tablo preview. Same problem here. Some shows have a picture of the title and others are grey square with an “X”.