Recording Fast Forwarding

This may have been discussed before, but not sure.

I watched a recording last night for the first time since upgrading to 2.2.8 firmware. I had been out of town for a couple weeks and thus didn’t watch anything earlier.

When I fast forward thru a commercial I can’t tell where I am. The video doesn’t change. The former version had the frames so you could kinda see where you were in the program. Now it just stays on the last picture. No way to tell when the commercial is over.

The restart is a lot faster, but if I have to go back and forth to find the spot it doesn’t really help.

That just sounds like a rare case where thumbnails weren’t created for your show. If you look at your other recordings, you still should see the frames while fast forwarding and rewinding like always.

I watched 2 different recordings. Both did the same thing. I believe they are the only new recordings since the firmware update. I will look at one of my older ones.

What device are you using for playback?

I am using a ROKU 3.

I have seen it happen for one of my recordings on a Roku since the firmware update (and it did affect all my playback devices), but all my other recordings show thumbnails. It is is happening on all recordings (and you may just want to record a 30 minute show and see what happens), then let the Tablo folks know through a ticket.

He should definitely check to see if the Roku 3 was upgrade to firmware version 7. If so, welcome to the club.

I am on version 7 of the ROKU. So you’re saying that’s the way it is now? Bummer.

I use Roku 3 and Tablo, both latest firmware, with correct thumbnails.

The thumbnails require some time to generate so do not expect them immediately after a recording takes place.

I’ve had this happen when a particular recording had signal issues. In fact when we noticed thumbnails were not available during FF we’d look at the total recorded time and found it to be much shorter than the actual show’s length. We then delete the recording because we know it’s not complete.

My recordings are complete, so no signal issue there. Just no thumbnails.

I did happen to watch these soon after they were recorded. Don’t usually do that, but this time our availablity had changed. I will see how the next recordings go and not watch them too soon.

Did you try to reboot your wifi, then reboot your Tablo and then reboot your Roku (etc.) in this order. This happened to meonce and this is what I did.