Recording failure

I missed the Cowboys game tonight. It was marked on the Live TV grid to record, the Sports list showed it as being programmed, but in fact not one minute was recorded.

I’ve had similar problems. Especially in scheduling a specific thing instead of everything (e.g. one football game instead of all football games).

Mine was trying to record (I select “all” now and deselect the ones I don’t want), but there are many channels that don’t come well for me anymore… so I streamed it from somewhere… Can’t wait to get an external antenna.

I also lost my recording of the Titans game yesterday. :confused:

The only thing that was different this time as opposed to my college game Saturday is that I had two tuners active watching the early NFL games. When the Titans game started, I did double check my schedule, and it showed the game set to record. I then switched my TV to watch directly from my other antenna, so I never used the Tablo the rest of the way.

Maybe there is a bug starting a recording on a channel that is already tuned and active. I will see if I can recreate it somehow.

I did do a test this morning with both tuners active and then recorded a show on the same channel afterwards, and it recorded fine. So I don’t know why my game wasn’t recorded.

I did notice that next week’s Titans game is no longer set to record, even though I had set it a few days ago. I changed it back, but I will double check on Sunday.

I have seen this with NFL games. I repeatedly have to go in and set it to record. Every couple days or so it seems to unschedule the recording.

I had to set the Cowboys game twice to record this weekend. Recording worked fine.

There was every indication that it would record. But I started watching live; I wonder if live is overriding scheduled, then if stop watching live recording does not pick it up.

When I schedule sports, especially football games, some but not all scheduled recordings disappear after the overnight guide update. I always check in the morning to see what’s missing. It’s become a game to determine what’s missing as I have my morning coffee.

I’ve reported it to tablo and they have been on my 2 tablos but I have no idea what they have found. To me it doesn’t appear like it’s a corrupt database. It could be more like a problem with the guide ETL process.

I use to update my guide in the middle day just to see what disappears. To me it’s more like a game.

If I reschedule the recording the day of the event mine always records properly.

@zippy We managed to uncover a few test cases using your database. We’re actively working on a solution now, and we hope to have something ready soon, hopefully for the next release. Thanks so much for your help and for bringing this to our attention!

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I have had a scheduling problem also there is one particular program that I have scheduled as to record every one of the programs because it is one I watched as a child in the 60’s.
It has not recorded any of them. I checked to see if they showed up in the scheduling area and they do but they don’t record. They are played ever day.

I too have had issues with recordings not recording. More lately than in the past. Various set ups but never a one time recording. News I had set up for all new, noticed an issue picking up some so I switched it to all. Still miss recordings. I also lately have NBC Sunday night pregame show for NFL set to record all and last nights…nothing. So not sure why all of a sudden there is an issue. Channels all maxed out in strength, just doesn’t record.

4 tuner Tablo, ethernet set up, set to record at 720 (since had hiccups at 1080) and Roku 3 player, one hard other wifi.