Recording failed due to weak signal

I’ve been having issues recording shows on one channel for the last few weeks. I have The Outer Limits set to record all episodes. Prior to April 27, they recorded fine. Since then, every attempt to record has failed with the error about a weak signal. I tried recording another show on the same channel with the same results. I tested again today so I was sure I was running the latest firmware (2.2.10). I tried to record two shows, both failed.

The Your Channels screen shows five green dots for signal strength. I am not having any other issues with shows not recording. Just this one channel.

Hi Mark - The signal dots in the channel lineup are not updated dynamically. They are reflective of reality at your last channel scan.

It could be that the channel has changed their broadcasting parameters or your antenna may have been moved.

Try doing another channel scan and see what shows up. That will correct any issues in terms of a change in broadcasting parameters but it will also give you a more realistic picture of what your antenna is currently receiving. If

If you’re showing reduced signal quality, check on your antenna positioning or if there are any new obstructions to it. (Like a previously barren winter tree growing a bunch of new leaves.)

I have not moved the antenna since I put it up in February. The Tablo did a channel scan this morning.

I did a manual rescan anyway. It started the rescan, it said no channels found, then rebooted. I did another manual rescan after it came back up and that completed. The channel in question (64-3) still shows five green dots under signal strength.

Hrm… well, sounds like it’s time to place a support ticket so the team can investigate further:

64.3 is a sub-channel. How do 64.1 and 64.2 behave since all the 64’s are on the same set of frequencies and signal?

If .1 and .2 behave OK, then .3 (that specific part of the signal is the problem and that could be a problem with the station).

@TabloTV aren’t the 5 green dots for channel 64 since .1,.2 and .3 are the same frequency subdivided and multiplexed?

I set up recordings on all three channels for the next show on each one. We’ll see what happens.

Your antenna didn’t move, but something else might have.
One of my channels displayed 5 green dots in my Tablo’s channels list, and scheduled recordings on that channel worked fine… until recordings occurred at certain times of day.
I found that 10PM thru 8AM that channel would have a weak signal, and recordings would either fail outright, or there would be minor to severe pixelation.
It also got worse when I allowed my head to get in the way of the antenna and broadcasting tower. :slight_smile:

Heh. I looked at the time of day. The recordings happen at all times of day.

Since I did the rescan, I set the current show on the channel to record and it is recording with no complaints.

The show I scheduled on 64-2 at 1:30 is recording.

We’ll see what happens at 2:00 when I have shows scheduled to record on 64-1, 64-3, and 64-4.

Don’t move. :wink:

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So all the recordings worked now. Maybe just doing the manual rescan fixed the problem. If it happens again, I’ll open a support ticket.

Aha - well then my guess of a change in broadcast parameters was likely correct. Sometimes a broadcaster will make a change and a rescan will pick up the tweak and all will be right with the world again.

Good to know. I’ll keep that in mind if I see this kind of thing in the future.