Recording failed due to weak signal, NOT!

This last Sunday I had Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy scheduled to record. They run back to back at 8:00 and 8:30 pm. Later that night I went to watch them and noticed what you see in the snip below. Both episodes had the same one failed recording before and three failed recordings after. And for both episodes the one successful recording was just fine. Both 31 minutes long with no weak signal issues at all. All the failed ones are 1 second long. Anyone see this before? I haven’t in my 7 years of Tablo.

I’ve had this happen, but very rarely, and it hasn’t happened recently.
Since it seemed to happen when the weather was bad, I didn’t report it, but if it had started to become more frequent I would have.
I know it’s not much help, but at least you know you’re not the only one.

Yes over a number of years it’s not that unusual. up until a few releases ago the firmware didn’t retry. And as you can see in the post there were 4 retries before the firmware gave up. All you have to do is check the segment marked as good to see how far into the broadcast the signal dropped out.

During repack stations were upgrading their transmitters and equipment. So dropouts happened all the time. Someone has to climb the tower so they reduce power.

That particular night, reception was fine. No weather stuff causing any problems. Not sure what you mean by 4 retries before giving up. The segment marked as good is the complete episode so I don’t know where it thinks it failed. There is no indication that the signal dropped at any time.

I’ve seen something similar if I rebooted the Tablo just a minute or so before the recordings start. Maybe some startup processing was not yet complete?

So when you click on the 4 failures what do they say?

They all say the same thing. “Recording failed due to weak signal”. And they all say they are 1 second long.

No recordings before or since Sunday have had any issues.

I don’t think this is related but because I don’t record as much as I used to, when I was building up a library of classic TV shows, I’m not concerned with filling up my 1tb hard drive anymore. So I turned up the recording and live TV quality to the max. Did this last Monday, a week before these recordings. None of the recordings since have had any issues other than Sunday evening.

And I’m not using comskip or surround.

May have just been birds on your antenna or something like that.