Recording failed due to weak signal - new

Also getting weak signal report, channels 2 through 5. but when viewing channels on TV bypassing the Tablo unit the pictures are excellent. this is been going on for a number of days now.

My latest encounter with this was really weird. A couple shows recorded for 3 Minutes, with Tens or Dozens of segments. We had bad weather in Floriday yesterday, but why exactly 3 Minutes each segment ???

I was going to start a new thread but saw this and, even though it is old, it appears to still apply.
I purchased a Tablo Quad in April of 2021. It immediately upgraded to the latest 2.2.34 release as it was being configured - so I have no experience with prior releases.

I have a local CBS affiliate channel which has been problematic from a signal strength perspective - not the fault of the Tablo but, this is where it gets odd.

I have a recurring recording setup for “60 Minutes” which was last night. When I logged in this morning, there were two instances dated for last night. Both dates and times were identical.

The top line had a valid recording which I was able to watch.
The bottom line had a failed recording due to a weak signal.

In that this device has four tuners, the only thing I can come up with is that it failed on one tuner but worked on another.

In that this is an old topic, I will likely open a ticket with technical support but I wanted to see if anyone still had this problem.


Actually, what happened is the reception issue resulted in two segments or fragments of the recording. Unfortunately, the way the Tablo works right now can result in rebooting if a bad enough signal issue is encountered. If you look at the two recording fragments I would bet they are different lengths. That would equate to the recording up to the point the reboot occurred and then it picked back up recording after the reboot.

Troubleshooting Fragmented Recordings – Tablo (

Hi Nilex,

This was odd in that both recordings showed the same length so it does not appear there was a restart or reboot or the time would have shown less. I did call Tablo tech support and they said that it would be somewhat normal to have a recording fail and then the second tuner would try it again. I mentioned the piece I wrote above that this particular station has some signal-strength issues but that I have never seen the issue go from un-watchable to clear in less than a minute. It always seems to be atmospheric-related (humidity, temperature, or something else) that will clear over a period of hours.

They said they would have a “deeper” look into the unit if this persists.

I appreciate the input!

Interesting. I stand corrected then since this doesn’t appear to be the exact situation to which i was referring. Seems like you have a bit of mystery.