Recording failed because no storage available

It started 2 days ago. I opened Tablo on my Roku TV and got this message, “Your DVR subscription has expired. Subscribe to keep your records.”

As it turns out I purchased and installed my Table 30 days before seeing this message so I figured that my trial period had ended. So I immediately subscribed to the Tablo Cloud DVR service. When I look at my account status, it tells me that I have a paid-up Yearly Guide Service ($49.99 for one year).

The next day (yesterday) the message was still there so I opened a support case with Tablo via their email support. I received a reply today stating that the problem was solved. The reply said that the warning message was a bug and would automatically go away after 30 days. I then I tried to record a couple programs. Tablo appeared to be recording the programs but when I tried to play them back, I got message, “Recording failed because no storage was available.” Does the $49.99 that I just paid not give me Cloud DVR service? Or do I need to pay for something else. I’m soooo confused.

As a new Tablo user, I’m pretty discouraged. I hope this isn’t the beginning of a support nightmare.

Cloud DVR service is different than Guide subscription. See this.

Ah! I see. Thanks so much! For some reason I thought the one fee gave me Cloud DVR and the Program Guide.