Recording error

In the fall I had an episode of Shark Tank that only recorded about 35 minutes of it. To look at the file you’d swear I had the entire hour. At the point where it stopped on the series screen it still said I had 33 minutes remaining or whatever. I’m like the station could have had an issue whatever. Life goes on.

Fast forward to today I’m watching shows from last Wednesday and my episode of Criminal Minds only recorded 49 minutes. The menu says I have the entire hour but alas only 49 minutes. But in this case I know the station didn’t go out because my CBS affiliate is the second sub channel. My shows that recorded on the 1 and 3 sub channels recorded fine. Maybe just a random tuner error or something?

@SAndrews10 This could be a tuner or reception failure; we should be able to check this out for you on our end! Feel free to send us a ticket.