Recording does not show up


Currently having a problem where the recordings that I’ve scheduled and show as recording in the guide do not show up on my list of recordings. So the guide shows I am recording the program but can’t find it on the recording list even after the program has ended. Have tried many things to troubleshoot, reset power to the device, removed the scheduled recording and rescheduled it, nothing I’m doing is fixing the problem.

Sorry, would also like to mention, the hard drive contains enough space for the recording and I’ve enabled the Tablo to delete old recordings if needed to make extra space, so the hard drive shouldn’t be the issue

Is this happening across all apps/devices? Or just one?

Like if you try to access your Tablo via your smartphone or computer, can you see the recordings?

This happens across all apps, phone and smart tv.

Hrm… The fact that you’re seeing this across all apps would point to an issue with your hard drive. Touch base with support and have them run a check on your drive: