Recording conflict - what takes precedence?

If there is a recording conflict, how is precedence determined, or do none of the shows in conflict get recorded?

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“An episode will be marked as conflicted if it cannot be recorded because there are no tuners available to record it. For a 2-tuner Tablo, this would occur when there are already two shows scheduled to record in the same time slot. Tablo always works on a first scheduled, first served basis so the recordings that have been previously successfully scheduled to record will be recorded. The program that created the conflict will be marked as conflicted and will not be recorded.”

When a channel is being watched by another user on a different device, or when a recording is in progress on a channel, the channel indicator will pulse red. For a two-tuner unit, if both channels are in use, any attempt to play a different channel will result in an error ‘No Tuners Available’.

Tablo prioritizes recordings over live TV playback. A scheduled recording will cause live TV playback to be stopped if the tuner is needed for a recording.

For live TV, the Tablo operates on last come first served model. If all channels are in use by other users to watch live TV, a new user that begins playing live TV on a different channel on a different device will cause live TV playback on one of the first two devices to be stopped. However, selecting a channel that is playing live TV or recording a program will allow you to join the playback stream for that channel.

For playback of live TV, Tablo has a feature that continues recording on the channel for an hour after the user has stopped watching the channel. This is so the user can re-join the channel and watch live TV without waiting 12 seconds for playback to start. The feature is very useful when you want to rapidly switch between two programs broadcast live on two different channels. A recording will always pre-empt this feature and start a recording if it is scheduled.

And this doesn’t cover the 4-tuner recording at the highest quality setting. I think only three tuners are available due to high CPU usage.

Just for clarity for those not familiar with the technical difference, some of your live TV scenarios with references to channel actually should probably be tuner. Unless someone has a 2 or 4 tuner Tablo and only 2 or 4 channels respectively, they really won’t have all channels in use by other users, it’s really if all tuners are in use by other users.

My cut and paste out of chapter 5 of the user guide doesn’t include:

  1. the rules for 4-tuner models using the highest quality setting.

  2. Any tuner assignment assigned to transcode for remote connection quality.

  3. ???

So I’m assuming the tablo user guide is correct.

Thanks for the clarification!

Thanks for the additional useful info.