Recording all episides of 2018 Winter Olympics auto-selects live episodes only

When setting up a recording for the Olympics, i selected the option to record all episodes. But only those episodes labeled “live” were auto-selected. I have to go through the list of episodes individually to record the rest of the episodes. Is this a glitch or a feature?

If the episodes not marked live are reruns then it’s normal behavior for the Tablo DVR.

If you have the “don’t record dups” option set maybe all the unmarked episodes are dups - rebroadcasts.

I hadn’t considered that they might be rebroadcast of episodes that will have been aired previously. Good call.

@twentyzees If you’re in the US, NBC is going to have two main blocks of Olympic programming: one during the afternoon/prime time and then a repeat of that same programming during late night hours.

I would be careful about recording every Olympic episode. I did that by accident in the last summer Olympics (Rio) & my Tablo got overheated & corrupted my hard drive (at least that is what I believe happened). It was recording for like 12 straight hours & at some points multiple stations.

If you do want to do this, you may want to consider some method of controlling your Tablos’ temperature (a fan possibly). After corrupting 2 HD’s in less than 6 months by what I believe to be heat issues, I now leave my Tablo standing up on it’s side & haven’t had a problem in over a year now.