Recording Adjustments

I like to schedule from Prime Time but I would like to be able to adjust the end time so it records an extra 1/2 hour or so.

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That’s what Manual Record is for.

Thanks, Captain Obvious. Manual Records lack the picture of the show, can’t distinguish between first run and repeat, and fail to notice when your show is preempted so it isn’t a good solution.

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That functionality has been requested numerous times, but it has not been implemented yet. @sodaman_2000 is correct that using a manual recording is the only option currently.

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We definitely need this feature added. We missed Elementary the last two weeks because the stupid Madame Secretary bled over 30 minutes.

During football season, we just disable whatever is recording because of football games going long

I just keep a manual recording set up for the 2 hours after my last CBS program on Sunday nights. This way, if they are running late, I can always go to the manual recording to see the conclusion.

I just do 8-12pm on Sundays as a manual backup.

Yes, these are a lot of easy things to do to get around this problem. I just do what FlyingDiver does if it is a program that is really important to me.

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