Recording a series

If you record a series, which goes beyond 14 days, will recordings continue until the show ends. Example Big Bang new episodes may be 20 over 6 months. Do I have to reschedule every 14 days?

It will continue to record forever aka years. Just set it to “Record New”.

@theuser86 is correct. Just set it once and it will go on for as many seasons as the show runs.

Thanks for your replies.

Funny, tonight my Tablo did not record the season finale of this us on NBC.

I have it set to record all new episodes so I wonder why this one did not record.

That’s odd.

Did it record other shows during that time? Aka was it operational during that time?

Sometimes the episode is not marked as “new” in the guide data from the guide provider so the Tablo does not record the episode. You could have Tablo check your logs to see exactly why it didn’t record.

I think I may do that, have them check.

When I open the the show icon in recordings, it shows that the series is to be recorded. And last nights episode was listed as new.

The recording is set to record all new shows only.

And there were no recording conflicts showing.

All other shows that were scheduled to record last night did.

All I can say is the the This is Us finale recorded for me just fine.

Honestly, it’s most likely something on my end. I can catch up on vue so I will see if it happens again before doing anything.