Recorder show image tiles show X instead of show image

A couple of months, one of the recorded shows on my 4-tuner gen 3 networked Tablo started a new trick. One of the recorded shows, Cheers I believe, no longer had an image for the show. The tile was just a big X. The number of unwatched recordings were still in the upper corner.

The X tile has now spread to several shows which I have been recording for a long time.

Does anyone have any idea what might be occurring and, most importantly, how to get the unit to display all the show images?



This issue is usually resolved after a reboot but the fact that it has lasted months is strange.

Are you seeing this across all of your apps/devices? Or just one in particular?

Each device seems to have a different set of ‘X’ tiles. We use firesticks on our televisions and the shows with X tiles varies. The iPhone app also shows a couple of X shows. There are currently 4 shows that have the dreaded X tile ‘feature.’ Some of the devices still show the correct show image for some of these 4. They are from 2 different channels.

Have you tried deleting and re-adding the app on the affected devices to see if the images load properly?

That was a good idea. Unfortunately, just tried it and the X tiles remain.


There is one more thing you could attempt, but it’s a bit more destructive…

That would be deleting all of your recordings in that series AND the recording schedule, then re-adding the recording schedule.

Your timing was perfect! I had just finished watching the last episode of Cheers when I read your latest reply. I then deleted that recording and Cheers from the schedule. I then added Cheers back to the schedule.

As much as I love destructive experiments (my chemistry instructors did not seem to share this view), I fear it is not going to fix the issue. The reason is that the tile on the Schedules tab is still showing the nasty X as you can see from the dirty picture below. The next episode is not until 11 PM tonight so the actual experiment completion won’t be known today.

Thanks again!

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Did you also delete the series recording schedule?


If it is still missing, try the removing everything again, reboot to flush out any cached images/memory, then try again. If anything is cached on the drive, it might take a day for any daily maintenance to flush it out.