Recorded show displays on TV "down on the screen"

Hard to explain but I tried just as an experiment to watch a few minutes of a show I recorded over the weekend using Tablo.

No iPad so I had to use my notebook computer, Chrome browser and Chromecast device. 
I chose to cast to the Chromecast device and played a couple minutes of the show but the bottom 3/16 to 1/4 of the show was clipped and there was the same amount of space at the top.
It was as if the show on the screen was shifted down - as we used to be able to do in the old days playing with the picture’s alignment and screen position. Recall how on the computer or TV you could push the screen’s display up, down, left or right? This was centered just fine, but there was part of the show that was below the bottom of the screen while there was blank space above it in an equal amount. 
Is this Tablo or something else? I changed over to watching a live show through Tablo and it showed up fine, in fact perfect, it was as good as it gets and I believe the clarity was better than the TV’s own tuner circuit if that’s possible. 
But the show I had recorded was shifted down off the bottom of the screen during playback via computer, Chrome and Chromecast into the TV’s HDMI.

Thats very odd indeed.  What happens if you watch that same show on a web browser NOT casting, and in full screen?  Do you see this same odd behaviour?  Also were you casting to chromecast via the cast button at the top of the chrome browsesr or were you using the one built into the player?

Their software won’t run on a computer or our Kindle Fire HD so I have no choice so far but to run on a computer, Chrome browser and cast from Chrome to a Chromecast. 

I will try it tonight and see how it looks in the browser and try full-screen.  I was in a hurry. 
I’ve not seen a button other than at the top of the browser which Chromecast install or setup itself added as a browser plugin. At least I know of no button on the interface since the Tablo interface is in the browser… 
I can only access the Tablo using the in Chrome.

I guess if there’s another method to cast to Chromecast I’ve not seen it but then I have some severe eye allergies lately so the notebook screen isn’t all that clean sometimes. 

oh OK - Try both methods of casting… in chrome you can cast the entire tab right which will cause you to see your entire tab on the chromecast.  But there is also the cast button that appears on the bottom bar of the tablo html5 video player when playing content.  Try both and see if it produces the same results… curious if it does.

I can also tell you that in your -> Settings there is a spot where you can change your recording quality.  if Chromecast is your primary use, then there is a seperate encoding option that the folks at tablo made specifically for chromecast primary users.  I think its 720p (chromecast) or sosmething like that…

Yeah, saw that setting and it’s the default of the latest version. At least it was set that way when I let it run the upgrade Friday. 

OK, I’ll look for that other “button” as I can’t recall ever seeing that one but if you say it exists in the HTML5 version then I gotta believe it as you specifically mentioned html, etc.
You have ME curious now, too. 
I especially found it odd as the live TV I was watching was from the same channel the recording was done from and I cast using the same icon near upper right in the browser tab so I found that freaky - live was great, recorded was displayed “down” on the screen. 
It could be a freak thing, too - will do more testing and see. Ran out of time last night, started falling asleep about midnight as I’d been up since 4am and worked straight through with only short eat breaks. Taking a toll on my eyes and mental state, sorry.