Recorded programs skipping

Could be an antenna issue. I’ve had situations in the past where a video stream was badly encoded due to antenna reception errors. Replayed once, it stutters and freezes. Replayed a second time and the video works fine. The processing hardware\software detects a problem area in the video and iteratively reprocesses those frames differently on subsequent passes.

So before anyone asks. I do understand what SNR is. I also purchased and installed my antenna myself.

Channel Master CM-4228HD with a clear view of the eastern sky. It’s also dual grounded per recommendation of a professional antenna installer. It’s 15’ up on my roof. I used RG6 coax cable connecting with a Channel Master CM7777HD amplifier and am using a Channel Master LTE filter.

The total length of cable from my antenna/amp to my tablo is less than 20’ as my Tablo sits on a small table against the wall right where the cable comes through.

After this was all done I had a professional person come and check my work and fine tune the direction of the antenna and tested it with some equipment to make sure that I was getting the best signal. Once he signed off on the install I was good to go.

Outside of getting a 40’ tower installed, I’m not going to get a much better orientation for my antenna’s location.

My Tablo is connected to a wireless network using a Cisco 802.11AC router that isn’t more than 10’ away. The Roku is connected directly to the router with CAT6 and good quality HDMI cable.

@CraigRoyce, in my case it’s not an antenna issue. I don’t know how else I can better explain it. It’s a playback issue, not a recording issue.

At this point I can accept that it’s a Tablo issue, Roku issue or hard drive issue. I can safely rule out the HDD as it’s a brand new Seagate Expansion drive and has been extensively tested by a qualified IT person (namely me)

I also wanted to say that this doesn’t happen all the time, just enough to be noticed. It’s also happens enough that we just automatically stop and restart the playback.

Now, I’m not saying all this to “toot my own horn” I’m just illustrating that I’m using quality hardware that was suggested by Tablo and other OTA discussion forums. I also have a tendency to educate myself on projects such as these.

The quality of the Tablo as a receiver is every bit as good as another receiver I used before if not outright superior.

I have a 4228HD antenna professionally installed on the chimney of the house along with a pre-amp and a splitter that divides the signal between the Tablo and TV. My Tablo is hardwired to a router repurposed to serve as a switch which connect to a Nexus Player purpose bought for this installation. The switch also serves the TV and the DVD player.

I cannot understand why some of you are dead set against a HDMI port if it doesn’t take away for your being able to use any or all of the other devices.

CraigRoyce: Would u care to point me in the direction of a DVR device that has a HDMI port?

Does anyone know of a rotor system that can automatically point to the signal source I programmed the Tablo to record? That way I can optimize the signal strength for the Tablo.

The Tablo folks have made it very clear that an HDMI port is not going to happen. There is just no point arguing for one. If you must have it, buy a Tivo. The Tablo is designed as a media server. The clients are up to us.

Where do I get a Tivo in Canada??

If the problem is with Roku, there may be another competitor coming that could be looking to fill the void left by the (current out of stock everywhere but ebay) Nexus Player:
New Mi Box
link to specs
The specs read like a NP with 4k (note: Wifi only, USB 2.0 ports) but no price data yet